Purpose of Education for Human Education

Purpose of Education For Human Evaluation

Snippet: — — — — — — How many of us have been educated to “know thyself” in Schools or Collages? Dr Radhakrishnan has rightly said that: “A civilization is not built of bricks, steel and machinery, it is built with men, their quality and character”. So the true aim of education is to develop in the... Read more

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Psychological Facts to Improve Learning Ability

--------- Snippets: How our memory acquires information is that a limited amount of sensory information through touch, visual, auditory, etc., is temporarily held in short-term memory….Short-term memory has restricted capacity for performing a limited amount of information or for organizing possible connections between and within information patterns which limits learner ability. ---------- Learning is inevitable... Read more

Unconscious Learning


Secret of "Learning"

Do you know that you possess “Superpowers”?

"According to Wikipedia, “Learning is the process of acquiring new or modifying existing, knowledge, behavior, skills, values or preferences. The ability to learn is possessed by humans, animals and some machines. There is also evidence for some kind of learning in certain plants”. The saddest thing is that we are living in a society that... Read more

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How to Make Social Networking Productive in 2020 New year Resolution

How to Make Social Networking Productive in 2020 New year Resolution As mentioned in a few other articles, our smart phones / apps/ social networking have become few of the major things of our lives. We can’t imagine living without smart phones or social networking, especially for millennial. The current generation is empowered with many advantages... Read more